Friday, September 3, 2010

Tennis Fan Fight (Kevin Arnold Style)

Here's a big jackass acting tough to a woman and an old man. Nice try by the old man. Dickhead of the year award for this scrotum sack. Next time you want to act tough go to a hockey or football game you tool. Nice call on the Kevin Arnold look alike Sack O Douche.


  1. Since when did Kevin Arnold start thinking he was a bad ass? If that old man was 20 years younger old Kevin would have got his teeth knocked out of his head.

  2. What a total pussy. Getting in a ladies face like that. Maybe she deserved it but it looked totally pussy. Kevin, what happen to you? Winnie Cooper would be upset with you.

  3. That old man totally won that fight! He took him down. Good for him. I just wish I was one of those guys sitting near him when he pushed that lady. Would have felt great to push that little punk around