Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just Another Car Accessories Tool In L.A.

This type of photo was one of the keys to me starting this little website. I do a lot of driving in the L.A. area and come across all sorts of tools with their 20" $5,000 rims on a $5,000 Honda, sticker flames on their mini-vans, excessive chrome everywhere and anywhere, "booming" sound systems that make your car rattle just being next to them at a stop light, raised trucks (for looking cool only of course) that can't go off-road because the axle will snap in two if they tried and of course the weaving in and out of traffic guy who only gets two or three cars ahead of you while almost causing several accidents. Good day.


  1. F-ing L.A. drivers and L.A. tools you ruin this place for the rest of us normal people. Move to Arizona or something.

  2. Here in Vegas we have our fair share of these dicks too. Don't feel so bad.