Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lebron's Narcissism Strikes Again

Lebron, most people do not hate you because of your race. You are an asshole. That is why most people hate you and why your popularity has taken a dive to the bottom of the Atlantic somewhere near Miami. Good day.

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  1. I got a couple paragraphs in and couldn't read any more. What a fucking worthless POS. Assholes like him being rich should be enough evidence that God has nothing to to with success or failure on this planet for anyone who wonders. You have no idea how much I hope this fucker has a career ending injury next year...better yet, maybe I will get really lucky and he will go Len Bias on the Heat.

  2. I agree with you oh wise Hamburgesadamus. Can you predict his future for us please? You have to start living up to the name buddy.

  3. This guy is a runaway for Asshole Athlete of the Year Award. The people around him are just as bad.