Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Euro/Fro/Mullet/Mustache Guy

Here we have The Euro/Fro/Mullet/Mustache Guy. No I was not at a Night Ranger concert. And no this isn't John Oates brother Bruce. This guy was some Euro. He knew I was taking the picture and laughed at me. So I am not going to give him a hard time for sporting the 70s white guy fro and mustache look. He was really selling it well. Keep "motoring" Euro Fro Mullet Mustache Guy. Keep "motoring"!


  1. Sweet hair and mustache my man. That is 70s bad ass. Not really but good try Sasha. I am sure the ladies of the Eastern Block dig it.

  2. So are you guys deleting this dickheads comments? The dickhead being "Vegas Dick Licker"? Good. Trolling the blogs is for "basement dwellers". As for Euro Guy here, that is the most awesome thing on this site in a while. Plus he knew you were taking the picture? This guy rules. Keep "motoring" is right on. Good job CEO.

  3. Yes, Hamburgesadamus had no patience for this ass hat. Oh well. I found him funny.
    As for Euro Guy, he was cool. I almost bought him a beer for being a good sport.

  4. LOL. I didn't mind when he was funny or didn't make sense, but when he just says - Fuck you, Fuck this Site and Vegas Thugs Are The Gayest...I mean Rule, it was just annoying.