Saturday, September 18, 2010

National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

As usual, our always concerned government has declared this month "National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month" due to the rise of young people packing on the extra lbs.
This got me thinking. I have heard some talk of blaming video games, fast food advertising, sugar filled snacks, soda, school cafeteria food, etc. I would never argue that these things do not contribute to little Johnny being over weight. My point is very simple. Little Johnny has these two things called a mom and dad and although not all little Johnny's have both; one of them is more than capable of turning the damn TV off and telling him to go outside and ride his bike, climb a tree or play some sports. You see I was raised on soda, Twinkies, Ho Hos, Coco Pebbles and the occasional fast food meal. You know how I burned off all the sugar and calories? By running, playing sports or riding my bike and not sitting on my ass playing Nintendo or PlayStation. It's not rocket science people.
"National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month", how did we ever survive as man kind without it. Good day.


  1. Thank god the Govt. is looking out for our best interests. I don't know how we could continue living without them.....NOT.


  2. I used to go out all day and night playing hide & seek, hand ball, baseball, football and riding my bike. Drank tap water. We are raising a nation of whimps.

  3. I actually thought this was a joke until I clicked the link. I can't believe parents are this retarded. This is a common sense issue and surely not a government issue. By the way, the commercials for being a good dad are worse. There's a new topic for the site. Your welcome.