Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Movie Review Of A Bad Katherine Heigl Movie

Katherine Heigl is in a new movie called "Life As We Know It". We have reviewed her movies previously here. We will not review this crappy movie. If Katherine Heigl is in a movie it is automatically crap. Let me do you a favor and take a guess on how the movie goes.

Boy and girl who happen to hate each other inherit a friend's kid. Boy and girl live together in deceased friend's house and raise kid together. Boy and girl fight. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl have a falling out. Boy and girl reconcile with 3 minutes left in the movie. The end.

I just saved you and your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend about $40. You are welcome.


  1. That is one of your best and most accurate post ever. The movie synopsis has to be dead on. I hate both of these talentless turds. Heigl is not hot. Not even close.
    Great fucking job CEO!

  2. Fergie's husband is a tool and Heigl is a butter faced bitch. NEXT!