Monday, September 20, 2010

"Fan Toolery"

The NY Jets already have one semi-famous annoying fan. Apparently the dick in this picture wants to take the title.

This brings me to examine the difference between a fan and a fan who commits "fan toolery". A fan watches his team on TV, at a bar or at the game. Cheers for his team. Buys a shirt and a hat of his team.

A fan who commits "fan toolery" yells and begs for attention why watching his team. Tries to start fights with the other teams fans. Spends his pay check on "official" jerseys, logos for his car, personalized jerseys that read "I LOVE TO 69" and dresses like a Road Warrior so he can get on TV.

A memo to all committing "fan toolery", STOP IT! No one watches football to see or hear you. Just trust me on this one. Good day.


  1. Yeah, these type of people or "fan toolery" folks need to go away. They can't stop or help themselves. These morons are why I stay home and watch the game on my TV. That and I don't have to worry about getting a DUI at home.

    Wait a second. Who the fuck is this guy trying to impress? You go to football games and it's mainly men. Why is he wearing short shorts and a shirt that talks about 69 around a bunch of men? The more and more I look at this picture the more confused I am. Fuck off you Jets fan asshole. If I lived in NY or NJ this would be enough to make me a Giants fan.

  2. As someone who lives in Vegas and watches games at the casinos let me assure you that Raiders, Jets, Steelers and Patriots fans are the biggest assholes around. I am not surprised by the pictures. And I totally agree with your take. Grow up idiots! This isn't school spirit week.

  3. He is Paul Scimowitcz from Oceanside, NY. I'm sure he could kick all your asses, he is a former Marine. Go Jets!