Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weak Flame on Weaker Car Guy

No doubt, Mr. Vegas Ass Kicker will love this ride. His Schwinn likely has similar flames coming off the seat in the form of tassels. He and this loser, are shining examples of The Problem with Men Today.


  1. Oh man. That's like those stickers you get with HotWheels and are too embarrassed to put on anything.

  2. Vegas Ass Kicker, I am sure life in your single wide trailer has made you angry. Did mommy and daddy not give you enough love? You are in Vegas, love is just around every pole.
    As for the car, let's not forget all the faux chrome on the car.
    Jasun, good call on the Hot Wheel sticker. This is the logo from his kids play car. Good day.

  3. I have nothing much to add. You guys nailed it. Can't dudes just buy a car and drive it? You buy a $5,000 2003 Honda Civic and spend $3,000 - $5,000 to trick it out?

  4. Fuck you Vegas Dick Licker....I mean Vegas Ass Digger...I mean....FUCK OFF!!!!

  5. Chumps! Fuck you and fuck you other clowns. I am the real shit bitches. You are all just a bunch of losers. CEO and your little girlfriend Hamburgesadamus, you can both eat a dick! You two fucking asshole faggots! Fuck this site. OUT!

  6. I agree, you are a real piece of shit Mr. Vegas Chode Licker.


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