Wednesday, August 11, 2010


We have now found and posted several of these big truck, accessory adding and tool mobile pictures. Why do men feel the need to trick out their trucks or cars? Is it a way of making them feel tough? Or is it simply a way for them to get attention? Is this the equivalent to a man getting a boob job or bigger lips?

I say they are all tools and this is their way of getting attention. Yes, this is the equivalent to a boob job for men. This really ties in with the purpose and reason I started the website. Real men do not need attention for the sake of making themselves feel good. Also, a REAL 4 x 4 truck is not a crime. Its when these dicks raise the truck, add meaningless chrome or flames to it and never take the damn thing off roading when the man crime takes place.

So what do you say? Do you agree? Please give me your feed back in the comment section below. Good day.


  1. Yeah, I agree. Big truck guy really gets to me. You can't even take those things off roading. What a bunch of losers and dicks.

  2. The perfect succesory to big ol' truck (besides 6 Lakers flags) would be a pair of balls dangling from the tailgate. Yeeee-ha!

    Your friends at Cougar Ace