Friday, August 20, 2010

Anonymous Questions The SlimTs Take.......

It's funny. My tracking program by Google tracks what key words people type in their Google search which brings them to the site. For a good 3 months or so the #1 key word search has been "slimts". I did a take on SlimTs here a few months back. I guess some men out there are looking into buying this crap. Well yesterday "Anonymous" had this to say regarding my SlimTs take:

August 19, 2010 3:20 PM Anonymous said...
"Look theres nothing worng with a little help maybe this girdle will boost a guys confidence when he wears it and then maybe he will go to the gym but for now its to each its own...if a guy wants to wear it then its none of our buisness...and if its like "cheating" or being a fake who cares woman walk around wit it all the time...WHO CARES!!"

Well Anonymous, please refer to my original post for my response. Maybe you need a site like this to help you get through those "bad days". Like the one you must have been having yesterday. Good day.


  1. Heh! Nice job on the link for this puss to go check out. Man up you f-ing dick. If you are a little flabby own or start running. Damn some men really have no clue. Anonymous, you should go to the doctor and hae them do a nut sack replacement for you. You obviously are ball less.

  2. Go find another site you whimp. This is a man site. I have a giant beer belly and I don't fucking care. That's my own choice and I wear it proudly.

  3. I had to write a comment to this fella as well. I posted it on the original post though...