Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup Watching With English Dudes

Yes I did break one of my rules and watch the USA vs. England on Saturday at an English pub with an English friend. The only plus was having a Guinness at 7am in the morning. I still don't get the appeal of soccer, but I will admit it was fun to be around a bunch of angry Englishmen who were pissed at the 1-1 tie and the goalie missing of the ball. I believe they were calling this guy a "twat" or something. They sure love that game.
I say if our top NFL and NBA athletes were to ever decide to play soccer the USA would dominate this game. Could you imagine seeing Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Adrian Peterson, or Wes Welker kicking a ball around? These Euros and South Americans would be flopping all over the place in fear if they went up against these guys. Until these type of American athletes, which they never will, decide to start playing soccer it will never be big in this country.


  1. Uh, hey dipshit. The rest of the world plays football while Americans play handball or is it fumbleball or is it throwball? Your AP would get tackled once and start twitching worse than Ronaldo.

  2. Sure. Whataever you say. Pretty brave posting "anonymously" you tool. The fact you know his nickname is AP makes me believe you are trying to stir the pot.