Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Too Impatient to Take a # and Wait Guy

Since The CEO is off to enjoy the weekend in beautiful Las Vegas, NV, I will make my first post here. If he does not like it he can remove it, but I think it is quite a funny story.

So I am at an undisclosed location in Woodland Hills, CA today and I go in and take a # and sit down to wait like everyone else. Almost as soon as I sit down I notice some Tool making a scene, ranting and raving about having to wait. This fucking guy actually wanted the lady to stop what she was doing (helping someone who had taken a number and waited just like everyone else) to check if his information was still in the system (he didn’t want to wait if it wasn’t). When she told him, way more politely than I would have, “I will check for you when I am done with this person...”...the walking shit stain interrupts her saying something I could not hear and storms off to the side of the room. So, now this fucking asshole starts saying loudly, to be sure everyone could hear him, children and all, “This is what happens when Mexicans run these places” and “We should send them all back to where they came from”. At this point I had had enough and was not going to stay quite. So I tell the guy – Dude are you serious? What is your problem? I am sitting down so this mental midget whips around and starts advancing towards me and says, “Do you want to take this outside?” like he is some kind of Billy bad ass. So I spring to my feet get in his face and say – sure, let’s go.... are you sure you want to do this?

Here is where I tell you that I am 6’5” tall and weigh 350 pounds. The look on this idiots face was priceless. He shut his fucking mouth. Turned around and was very respectful and polite to the lady like a good boy.

Now this douche, was a prime example of the Problem with Men Today


  1. What a dick. Nice job Burg. I am EF didn't have to take care of him.

  2. I got some good material this weekend for the site. I'll post it tomorrow.

  3. Thanks bro. It was the least I could do. I'm sure you got some good stuff. There is never a shortage of Tools in Vegas!