Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I would like to start off by saying thank God you are reading this. It means you do not walk around with a "European" man bag and still have something in your "man bag". This blog will hopefully do three things for you/all of us: 1.) wake you up from your metrosexual/Seacrust out/Euro trash wanna be/little dog hanging out your car window commas, 2.) entertain you at work or 3.) help you to identify or prepare you for what to look out for with friends and loved ones. Let the games begin and please e-mail me any photos that will help the site and our bloggers. Thank you.
M. Reeve
CEO of


  1. I like it so far. Not to bad and pretty funny. Hopefully you will post some funny pictures.

  2. im tired of all the metro walking around with the murse and little dogs... we just need to teach people to grow a set and be a man. thanks for making a site that will teach these people something

  3. expose all these 102.7 metrohomes!!!!!!!