Thursday, April 22, 2010

Overly Aggressive Softball Guy

Tonight I encountered this guy. This penis sock decided it was ok to belittle his 1st basemen after he made a mistake......A quick history on OASG is that he usually played park league baseball when he was younger and wasn't good enough to play further. But in his mind he was either "overlooked" or "not given a fair shot". So now at 35+ he is gonna show the softball world he was good enough to play then and good enough to play now. This guy is also known as "semi-pro bowler" or "scratch golfer" like he tells his "friends"..............................Beware of OASG as he will try to intimidate you with his tight baseball pants and wrist bands.


  1. Last night we encountered Frustrated Middle-Aged OASG (FMAOASG). There also exists the, I believe, much more irritating Frustrated Twenty-Somthing Nerd OASG (FTSNOASG). This was the geek who longed to play baseball and be the cool guy who got the chicks in high school but didn't have the skills and spent all of his time playing with his Graphing Calculator or building sets in drama class. Now he is set on proving he belongs in the L.A. City rec league. Only problem is there are no chicks and he is more of a nerd than ever because he is playing rec league softball. Like the FMAOASG, He sports the tight baseball pants, wristbands and matching screen-printed button-up baseball jersey and loves to step out of the box after every pitch like he just saw a Trevor Hoffman change-up.

  2. Yes, FTSNOASG & FMAOASG are as laughable as OASG. Also look out for Overly Intense Softball Guy (OISG). He WILL take you out to break up a double play!

  3. Yes, these are major problems that the softball world suffers. Do these guys know its for fun and if they want to play hard there are baseball leagues they can play in?