Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Favorite Post of 2010

This post started it all with Mr. Vegas Ass Licker, so of course it is my favorite. Haven't seen anything from him in a while...guess he had his internet privileges taken away by either his momma or the warden where he is currently housed.

I Think I Am Cooler Than I Really Am Guy

Look guys. I know you think you are cool with your oversized watches, your hand gestures while taking a picture, your long hair and your hipster hat.........................FYI you are not. Good day.


  1. Good call. I forgot about this one. I also forgot about Vegas Ass Licker. He vanished into the Vegas sunset I guess. He probably O.D. on some meth or heroin.

  2. All four posts are outstanding. I always liked the Slim Ts take though. That might be the best take ever on this site. No man should ever buy that piece of crap.
    If you aren't done that one deserves a mention.