Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another Asshole Athlete

It appears old Tony Parker has given me another reason (like I needed one) to add him to the list of asshole athletes. And messing around with a teammate's wife? Good work Tony. You have joined Favre and Lebron in the race to see who will win Dickhead Athlete of the Year Award. I have to admit this will be a tight race for sure.
I am also glad to see Eva finally wised up. That was your one free pass sweet heart. Pick someone more American and less douchey.


  1. This guy is gay. He may stay in the closet his whole life and cover it up with a string of hot babes, but he is a sausage soldier.

  2. Good call and ^Anon above might be on to something. Tony "Sausage Loving" Parker
    Who is the Dickhead Athlete of the Year gonna be? I vote for King James.