Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Accessories Worth More Then My Car Is Guy

At what point in your life do you say to yourself "What I really need is a 1995 Lexus Coup with a brand new Same Day Paint job and new 22" rims to match. After that I am going to tint the windows so no one can see me and throw a bumping stereo system in that sh*t!"?


  1. Wow. That is almost as fucked up as my Camero. The one I put $5,000 into after I purchased it for $3,500. Does that make me a tool to?

  2. Well, it made my 69' Camero worth more money after I fixed it up. This idiot did not. Big difference Hamburgesadamus. LOL. Nice name.

  3. Yeah, I thought of that after I posted it. Point well taken and you are not a tool, lol.