Friday, July 2, 2010

World Cup Update!!!!

It's almost over! Soon we will not have these types of Euro and South American mullet loving tools sitting next to us at our local watering holes.

Did Americans really get soccer fever or were we hoping to be able to throw a giant middle finger to the rest of the world if we would have won? I say the latter.

Americans play real football. Not some flopping around trying to get a yellow card game like the rest of the world. Who is a better athlete, Ronaldo or Adrian Peterson? I will take AP all day long. Imagine seeing AP barreling down the field blasting soccer balls left and right..........neither can I. Good day.


  1. AP is not the epitomy of an American athlete. That dude couldn't hold on to the football in a single game in which it mattered. Ask any Saints fan. Probably led the league in fumbles last year. But, I do agree with you assessment that soccer is not football. Of course, American football doesn't compare to rugby if we're gonna be talking about real men here.

  2. What does holding on to the football have to do with what kind of athlete he is? Tell me who is bigger, faster or stronger than AP? Soccer does not have that type of athlete.
    Rugby and football are closer but does rugby have 6'-5" 300 pound men who run a 4.5 40?

  3. Soccer blows and so does rugby.

  4. Fuck soccer and rugby the rest of the world can keep em, I am fine with real football.

  5. "What does holding on to the football have to do with what kind of athlete he is?"......Uh, EVERYTHING when you are a running back in the NFL.

    If you are going to go just by the numbers, then why not Vernon Davis? Go ahead, look at each number individually. Six feet, three inches Tall. Two hundred and fifty-three pounds. Big. Four percent bodyfat. Lean. But look what happens when you stack the numbers on top of each other. The 40-yard dash in 4.38 seconds: faster than any 6'3", 253-pound tight end should ever think about running. A 480-pound bench press: much more than anyone who runs a sub-4.4 40 should be lifting. A 42-inch vertical leap: way higher than a 253-pounder should be jumping from a standstill.

    But, of course I am bias b/c I am a 49er fan.

  6. I believe it says athlete not NFL RB. You are missing the point. America's greatest and best athletes do not play soccer. I was simply pointing out that if they did America would have a chance at winning the World Cup. And way to know VD's stats. Do you know his penis size too?

  7. Girth, width, or size?

  8. The One and Only Mr. AssholeJuly 8, 2010 at 3:54 PM

    Since VD gave you lock jaw why don't you let us measure your mouth?

  9. Fuck soccer and fuck the world cup. Glad its over! Funny shit with the VD and real athlete things in the comment thread here. You need more post CEO. Get on it!


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